venerdì 17 agosto 2012

The last 6 months....

It has been 6 months since Iast wrote up my Blog and as with all of us life has been busy.

You may have been following me on twitter at @scottifood with its mix of daily life food and loves such as my two Bengal cats -  a constant source of entertainment and joy.

I have enjoyed many opportunities meeting and working for some lovely people who enjoyed my food and made it a pleasure for me to cook for them. 

Food discoveries have mainly been in the area of condiments - most notably salt and I am currently enjoying the tasty and delightfully pink Himalayan variety. Wholefoods have a range of salts from across the continents and from a variety of sources - seas, rivers and salt mines. 
A beautiful travelogue for the taste buds. 
My current favourite is Australian Murray river salt. 

This summer I have had the chance to rediscover the delicate taste of aubergines. This year they seem particularly good and I have enjoyed both the sight and taste of the miniature varieties that are particulalry good value for money.

Supermarket wines can be a bit hit and miss and often just serve to fill the required quaffing space around food. I was delighted though to be taken by surprise with a great offer at Sainsbury's, Prestige Calvet white Bordeaux. It was a great find, delicious and a real bargain at half its normal retail price selling at £7.99 a bottle. Fantastic value.

I have been selling Fine Italian foods for the last few months to both the restaurant trade and private clients. The added bonus of this is that I get to meet the people behind the scenes in the small restaurants locally. Its is a treat because it is what I love to do cook and talk and taste food and food preparation. To be in conversation with people who have a passion for my loves is both a privilige and a pleasure,

In addition to all this I have the absolute delight to combine my love of food with that of music. My great friend and colleague Gianluca De Martini has been working with me to bring live music to dinner party events. It was a real treat to see him singing with both Elbow and Muse and the Olympic Stadium closing ceremony.

Life has many pleasures, food and music being two of the greatest.

Long live summer. 

domenica 5 febbraio 2012

February's first snow...

First snow arrived in London last night & caused the usual chaos, its pretty though. In the last couple of weeks my great friend Roberto arrived from Genoa to develop my website and blog for 'Sergio Scotti Personal Chef'. During the weekend of his visit we made a variety of forays into the shopping arena that is London's West End along with checking out a variety of restaurants, cafes and bars. Top of the list was Novikov's the recently opened double restaurant venue of Russian Billionaire Arkady Novikov. It is not the first time I have eaten there at both the Asian and Italian restaurants. The quality of food is impeccable & the Asian in particular is high on my list of preferred eateries. So, to begin my blog spot recipes, I will start with that winter seasonal staple Minestrone. This heartwarming, delicious soup embraces vegetables of every season recording the years produce. You can add your favourite ingredients as well as choosing the vegetables in store for the season. One of the best ways of giving variety to the soup is to change its consistency by either using a blender or just keeping the vegetables heartily chunky, or a mixture of both. See you soon with ideas for recipes and meal plans for you, your family & friends. Sergio Scotti - London, February 2012

domenica 22 gennaio 2012

Intro blog

Welcome to the blog of Sergio Scotti your Personal Chef.

Here you will find everything you need to 'dine out' in the comfort of your home.

If you like what you read on the following pages then contact me to begin your culinary journey.

Happy Gourmet dining!